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Two year old’s are busy, busy creatures.  If you have ever had one, you know exactly what I mean.  If you haven’t had one, then just trust me. I always chuckle when people who don’t have kids (or whose kids have grown up and they seem to have forgotten) give unsolicited parenting advice.  They speak in a way that leads one to believe that kids behavior is solely dependent on their parents’ actions.  And that parents should somehow be able to make their kid behave or act in some certain way.  This makes me laugh.so.hard.  Here is a newsflash if you are reading this and didn’t know that that is NOT true!! I can say this because I have a two-year old right now and BOY HOWDIE!! You cannot make that child do anything that he/she doesn’t want to do.  Believe me, I’ve tried.

So why am I saying all this?  Well little Miss Emma (who is about a thousand times more well-behaved than my son)  was not too interested in taking photos on the day of her session.  She would give me a quick glance every now and then but pretty much didn’t like any of our ideas. And you know what?! That’s okay! I LOVE all the candid images we got of her just doing her thang! Parents are ALWAYS worried when their child doesn’t seem to be cooperating too much that they wont get any good pictures. This session just goes to prove that that is totally not the case. Usually, as long as mom and dad stay calm during the session and don’t get too worked up about the fact that it’s not going quite to plan, the child will stay happy and we will for sure get some good ones.  Emma’s parents were totally chill and didn’t force her into doing anything and she sure shined because of that!

I know that being a mom of small children is an overwhelming responsibility and that making the time for a photo session seems about the lowest thing on your list of priorities.  But, just look at these images! I would be so sad to think that Whitney and Dylan would have had to have missed out on documenting this adorable stage in this little girl’s life! Luckily, Emma’s mommy is on the ball and made time to do this special thing for her sweet girl!


I was also honored to take their family photos just a little while back and I can’t believe how much Emma has grown since then!! Click below to check out that session!  I have to say that Emma has some goooood-lookin parents! It’s no wonder where she gets her beauty from!


And if you still haven’t got enough of this sweet little face we ALSO took some four-generation pictures with her as the star!  Click below to check out that session!!





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