1. To Get the Booking Process Started

We aim to serve a very specific type of mom who is looking for not only great pictures, but an incredible EXPERIENCE! The first step towards working with us is reaching out to us via the "Contact" page. From there I will send you our pricing and all the info you could ever want to know in a beautiful PDF! Once you're ready to book, we will send you a custom, online booking proposal where you can review your package, sign your contract, and pay your deposit all in one place! Contact me via e-mail or and I will send you a welcome packet that includes all the packages I offer with pricing. Once any questions are answered & a date is settled upon I will send you the session agreement for you to fill out & submit to me electronically. I like to plan my session around the style & requests you have, instead of just doing a generic, same-thing-for-every-person approach- so if you have any specific requests or ideas please let me know in the designated area on the agreement. You will also have a chance to pay with your PayPal account if you so choose at this time. Once the session agreement is signed & submitted, and the deposit is paid you are OFFICIALLY booked!


2. Maternity Session

If you booked a maternity session, we will schedule that ASAP! I love photographing maternity sessions between 28-34 weeks. Each woman and each pregnancy is different. Some women who aren't showing as soon may want to wait a little later, like 30-32 weeks. Conversely, if you are growing a bit more rapidly (I fell into this category :P ) you may want to schedule your session for more like 28-32 weeks.


It's important not to wait until the very last moment for a couple of reasons. #1, babies are unpredictable and sometimes come early! We don't want to wait TOO long and then miss out on doing the session because you went into labor! #2 Towards the end of your pregnancy you might be feeling unforgettable and/or in pain the more your belly grows. After your maternity session you will get a sneak peek on both Facebook and Instagram within 24 hours. Within 2-3 weeks your images will be completed!


3. Planning for the Session

Once we are getting closer to your due date we will start making sure that you are completely prepared for your session We love helping our mom's feel relaxed by sending lots of tips and tricks for ensuring the best possible outcome for your newborn's photo session. We will also get some more information on exactly what you are wanting (colors, sibling shots, themes, etc). There are lots of other great things we find out from the questionnaire that helps us to be as prepared as possible for this momentous occasion!

4. The Baby is Here!!

Yay!! The Day is here!! Your sweet little baby has made his/her arrival! I ask that mom adds me to her "mass text" list that she probably has started for once the baby arrives. Once I know the baby is here I will send you a couple dates/times for you to look at once you have time. I try to photograph newborns within the first two weeks of life if at all possible. They are more sleepy, they go into poses more easily, and the session is usually calmer and quicker for all involved. On the day of your session you will come to my studio. Sessions last anywhere from 1.5 - 3 hours depending on how smoothly everything goes. I have a couch in the studio so that you can completely relax during the session, especially if you are still healing and would prefer to rest. I have drinks and snacks on hand since the session takes a little while.


5. After the Session

I immediately download the pictures to my computer & back up to an external hard drive & an online backup. I want your images to be safe! Also, I will more than likely remember taking a couple pictures that immediately need to be edited & shared with the world- well, my Facebook fans at least. You can go ahead and “like” my page if you want so you can easily find me. I will post your sneak peek in 1-2 days immediately following the session on my facebook page.


Then over the next few days/weeks, I edit & obsess over your images. When the images are complete (guaranteed within 3 weeks of your session date, but usually sooner) we can do things one of two ways:


#1 – Reveal Night – You come back over to my house, we drink coffee (or tea, or soda), sit on the couch, & view a CUSTOM slideshow of your mages on my 27″ color calibrated iMac Computer Screen. You can look at & touch real life examples of the products I offer to decide what you would like to order (if anything- NO pressure). But hey, you get some FREE print credits included in whichever package you choose…so you need to cash in on at least that! Also, you can decide if you want only the free web-res, watermarked files, or if you want to upgrade to the high-res digital files with print release. Once you decide, I will burn the cd/dvd/usb drive for you to take home the same night!


#2- Online Gallery – If you don’t have time to come back & you are tech savvy & feel comfortable filling out your print/digital file order online I will upload your proofing gallery online to my website. It will/won’t be password protected based on what you selected in your session agreement. You have 30 days to use your print credits but can order more prints any time after that. Your gallery will be up for at least 3 months.

You will receive all your goodies from me within 2 weeks of your final print proof approval. I like to hand deliver so you can expect a call/text/email to schedule a time for me to deliver your goods.


Then we do this all again! Well, if you haven’t already booked a milestone package or scheduled your next session I will wait for your call. ;)



Newborn Collections



If you would like more detailed info, please visit my “Contact” page (or click here), fill out a super short form, and I will send you a beautiful PDF that has all the info you would ever like to know about my packages, pricing, and what a photography experience with me looks like!


All inquiries are responded to within 24 hours!



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