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Have you ever met one of those people you were just INSTANTLY attracted to? Not a physical attraction, but just an attraction to someone’s soul?  Enter Jodi Weaver.  This girl is amazing.  She is beautiful and kind and wonderful.  She has the most contagious laugh I’ve ever heard and you can’t help but join in with her.   She has such a natural beauty. She loves the Lord and she has spiritual maturity about her that I look up to.   I rarely see her with makeup on but somehow she still always looks amazing and so put together.  And she has red hair….which I am so jealous of.  Okay, okay, okay….I’ll stop carrying on about her now….but it’s true!  I’m so glad we met and have become friends over the last few years.  She has two adorable girls and is getting ready to have her THIRD!!!! It’s a very exciting time!  She has an amazing husband as well.  His name is Jonathan but we all call him “Peeps!” He couldn’t keep his hands and lips off her the whole session.  Talk about melt my heart!!! I love seeing a guy that loves on his woman, ESPECIALLY when she is pregnant.  It is seriously the cutest thing.

I so enjoyed taking these photos and I hope that you all enjoy them.  I am so happy for Jodi and the new bundle that will soon be here!

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