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Where oh where do I begin? There is this extremely special lady I know that I have a deep, deep respect for.  You see, she does this amazing thing.  She has chosen to be a foster parent to this precious child.  I wrestled with calling this amazing lady by name because I think she deserves some recognition for being selfless and wonderful.  However, I wasn’t sure if she wanted to be named on the world wide web so I decided to leave the post with no name.

I took these pictures almost two years ago…some of my very first “newborn” photos. I was hesitant to share because I feel (or I hope anyways) that my work has come a long way in two years. But, when it comes down to it…some stories need to be told without vanity or insecurity getting in the way.  At the time these photos were taken, there were laws about how we couldn’t show this sweet babe’s face on the internet.  It was brought to my attention by this very special mama that the rules have now changed.  I have so enjoyed getting to see the pictures she now posts to facebook and getting to see how much this sweet girl has grown.  It is so neat getting to witness the high class of people there are in this world through my photography business.  People that make you stop in your tracks and think about your priorities in life.  People that make you want to be better. People that have the light of Christ shining through them in the way that they treat, care for, and love others.  This mama is all those things.  She has such a positive and joyful spirit and the most insanely contagious laughter.  I don’t know if I could do what she does, honestly.  Sometime’s I’m not patient enough with my son.  Sometimes I let the little things in this life get the best of me.  Sometimes I start thinking about my wishes and needs above my family’s.  I think that selflessness is one of the most admirable qualities there is, partially because I struggle so much with it.  I am lucky to know a very few ladies that have this characteristic and this Mama is one of them!  I hope you enjoy these photos of this precious gift of a child.  I pray that God uses this sweet Mama to make such a positive difference in her life and I can’t wait to see what she becomes when she grows up!

If you know this Mama that I am speaking about, I hope you will reach out to her and let her know how great she is.  I’m very grateful for her giving me a chance and being so patient with me when I first was starting out.  Enjoy!



To see more images of this session check out the “Reveal Slideshow” that I do for every session we do!


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