Newborn Cheesecloth Wraps- Craft Night!

I’m so excited to be writing my very first blog on my new website!  I thought I would share a little newborn project I worked on the other night.  I went to a craft store and bought a ton of cheesecloth.  I bought a few different Rit Dye’s and tried those out but the colors were pretty bold! I decided I wanted some more pastel/neutral wraps, too so I dug around in the pantry! I boiled some tea and found some K0ol-Aid packets and played around.  It was pretty fun and now I have some girly wraps to use in the studio! I guess up next is some boy colors! I listed the combinations I used to get the final results in the bottom. And don’t mind the overly ripe bananas :p


The pink wraps on the left were actually orange kool-aid, grape kool-aid,  and cherry cool-aid (the orange kool-aid made the prettiest one). Funny how they all turned pink.

The yellow wraps i tried to do with lemonade- but no matter how much I added it wouldn’t turn yellow…so these are with the rit-dye. One is just more concentrated than the other. The same went for the gray next to them.  The last three were all dipped in different strengths of brewed tea for shorter amounts of time on each one.  I think these are honestly my favorites :p

It’s not always easy to make time to fun little crafty projects like this, but I had a blast messing around and seeing what combinations I liked the best! Make some time this week to do something fun and crafty!

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