Wedding Day Emergency Kit

So my dad is one of the coolest guys I know.  Like for serious.  People just like him.  He is a hard working man and is a great father and grandpa.  He has taught me lots of lessons over the years, and the older I get the more things I do that remind me of him.  Here is a picture of him and I (taken by Hannah and Neal Sidebottom) at my wedding in 2012.  Isn’t he just cute as can be?  I think so 🙂



Okay, okay.  You’re probably wondering what this has to do with my “Wedding Day Emergency Kit”.  I promise it ties together 😉

Growing up, my dad ran a mechanic garage in Tipton, MO where we lived.  The shop is just a few minutes away from the house we grew up in.  When we were kids, if he ever had to run up to the shop for something we would always get the same lecture before he left.  He would tell us he was only going to be gone for 15-20 minutes and to not eat or drink anything while he was gone because if we started to choke we would be dead by the time he could get home to help us.  ? A little extreme? Perhaps.  My dad is what some people may call a “worry wort”, something he definitely passed on to us kids.  For example, when my son had just learned to sit up, bath time was always entertaining if my sister was around.  Kelly would jump up and jerk him up out of the tub everytime he weeble-wobbled in the slightest, scared to death that his face might touch the water for even a millisecond and that he would surely drown.  When my husband goes hunting (something he has done since he was a child) I still give him the lecture on gun safety,  “pointing the gun in a safe direction”, and asking him for the 100th time if the safety is on.  We are all worry worts.  But it’s not all bad! Along with worrying about things that are probably never going to happen comes with an overwhelming urge to be prepared for every possible scenario.  Dad will have an entire cooler full of drinks and snacks for a two hour trip somewhere and he has a briefcase he keeps in his truck full of all sorts of things he may need if he gets stranded on the highway.

So now you know my background and why I wanted to make one of these “Emegency Kits” for wedding days so badly!  I try to be OVER-prepared in every way possible on the wedding day in order to keep the day stress-free for us and our couples! My goal is to ensure the absolute highest level of customer service to my client’s who choose us to be such a big part of their wedding day!  I keep this kit in my vehicle on the wedding day and only get into it if someone needs something! There have been weddings that I don’t get into this bag a single time, and other weddings where we are in it multiple times throughout the day! I even throw this bag in my car for regular portrait sessions too (families, seniors, etc) for those “just in case” moments!

My emergency bag is constantly changing for me. Almost every wedding we do I usually think of one more thing I wish I had with me.  I write it down and add it to the kit for next time!  This is what our kit currently looks like!



Top Zipper Pouch:  

Tide Stain Pen and Wet Ones

We’ve gotta keep that white dress white! These are great for getting out small spills or for wiping your hands after eating if we’re not close to a bathroom.

Command Hook and Crochet Hook

Every now and then we run into a getting ready room where there is no great place to hang the dress. This is a great temporary fix for hanging the dress without damaging the walls! The crochet hook is great for helping get those dresses with lots of tiny little buttons and loops buttoned up.

Lint Roller and Dryer Sheets

The lint roller is handy especially for all the black dress pants and suits! The dryer sheets are a good way to get rid of static if necessary!


Weddings are usually full of laugher and happy crying. I got your back if you need a tissue!

Scissors, Rubber Bands, Lighter, Super Glue, Tape

Other handy things 🙂

Diamond Dazzle Stick

In case getting your ring cleaned before the wedding got pushed to the back burner, this is a jewelry safe cleaner I can use to make sure there is no grunge on the rings before I take those mega beautiful close-up shots of them!




Second Zipper Pouch:  

Razor, Lady Products

You never know! I’ve been in situations before that I needed one or both of these items!


I have an aerosol deodorant that I keep in my kit. I think it’s a little more sanitary than the stick kind in case more than one person (i.e., bride, bridesmaid, etc) needs to use it! I guess if the groom or groomsman is in a pinch he could use it to…although he is going to smell like pomegrante and lemon verbena.

Hairspray & Comb

For fly-aways or hair touch-ups throughout the day.

Baby Powder

No one likes to talk about sweating and chaffing (did I spell that right? that word always gets me….) but it is a real thing on a wedding day ESPECIALLY during the supper months/outdoor weddings! Not only does it help keep you cool and dry, but you’ll smell good too!! I dream about the day where I may have the “thigh gap” and not have to worry about my thighs rubbing together…but so far it hasn’t happened yet in this lifetime! So if you’re like me, and your thighs are best friends with each other, I’ve got you covered if the temperature starts rising!

Carmex, Lip Gloss

I use Q-tips for the carmex and lip gloss so that there is no cross contamination if more than one person needs to use either one!

Concealer and Compact Mirror

In case you need a touch-up!

Bobby pins & extra hair ties

At my very own wedding my veil fell out during the middle of the ceremony. It was embarrassing.  I literally have a picture of my sister putting it back in. I’ve shared it below.  It’s rough.  I promise I don’t (or at least didn’t at the time this picture was taken) have multiple chins and to my defense I just sobbed my way through my vows minutes before this picture.  I included a couple more flattering pictures of us from our wedding day so you don’t have that vision of me looking really scary in your head for the rest of this post. Our wedding pictures were taken by Hannah and Neal Sidebottom.




Third Zipper Pouch:  

First Aid Kit, Safety Pins, Contact Solution, Eyedrops, Sunscreen

I have a very small first aid kit with the bare essentials for accidental scrapes and scratches! I have contact solution in case a contact falls out and needs to be cleaned as well as eyedrops! Also, for those summer weddings we have some sunscreen!

Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Tums, Cough Drops

I almost always get a headache by the end of every wedding we do.  I think it’s usually a mixture of the heat and not eating or drinking enough throughout the day (something I’m working on).  Also some antacids in case you have heartburn or just need a little something to settle your stomach.

Breath Mints, Gum

We are spending lots and lots of time together on a wedding day.  Breath feeling a little meh? I’ve got you covered 🙂 I mean you are going to be smooching the love of your life several times throughout the day so you’ve gotta have fresh breath! Just don’t forget to spit out your gum before the ceremony! Nothing uglier in photos than someone monching(I don’t think that’s a real word) their gum to death which is exactly what happens when you get nervous!

Hand Sanitizer

Our last wedding had no real bathrooms since it was outside in a barn.  Instead they rented a porta-potty.  I was SURE glad I had this little bottle of germ-ex!!

Tweezers, Nail clippers, Safety Pins

For stray hairs, hang nails, and mishaps!

That’s it!  The thing I love about this bag, is that it rolls up and ties and can be carried like a purse! Super handy! I got this bag at Wal-Mart for next to nothing! Some other things I plan on adding in the future include:

Small Sewing Kit, Extra Boutonnière pins, Nail Polish Remover, Bug Spray, Allergy Medicine, Snacks

Let me know what you think about this “emergency kit”! Is there anything I’m missing? If you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments below! I always think you can never be too prepared and I’m always thinking of things to add to this kit!

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