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Talk about four beautiful ladies.  The second to youngest (Whitney) is my very best friend in all the world.  She is seriously drop.dead.gorgeous.  I jump at the chance to get to photograph her ever.  You can see she comes from good stock.  Her momma and grandma are equally as stunning.  My very favorite part about these ladies though is there humbleness.  In my life I have known lots of pretty girls! I was a tad bit awkward in school (especially middle school….wow just don’t remind me!) and I witnessed first hand the seemingly mathematical correlation to the level of girl’s “prettiness” to the level of girls’ “meanness”.  I mean, have you heard of the movie “Mean Girls”?  I think I’m not the only person to have made this same connection.  However these ladies break this stereotype for sure.


They are not only incredibly beautiful, but also (and more importantly) incredibly humble and kind.  Lori (Whitney’s mamma) is the sole reason me and Whitney ever became friends.  We were both going to colleges in Springfield back in 2007 (yes this makes me feel old).  I was having a hard time adjusting to a big city after living in Tipton, MO my whole life.  Back in Tipton, I had the same friends since I was in elementary and I never really had to “learn” to make friends…I just always had them! So, there I was in Springfield, MO where I knew absolutely no one and I had jumped from population of about 3,000 to about 165,000. Lori kept kind of pushing me and Whitney both to try and meet up and get to know one another.  Long story short, the first night we hung out we went to dinner, came back to her apartment,  I “blessed” her with the incredibly long break-up story of my newly ex-boyfriend while sobbing uncontrollably (because that’s what you do with people you’ve just met), and her dog puked all over me.  A few short months later I moved into an apartment with her and we’ve been best friends ever since.


Fast forward several years and we are both living back in Versailles, MO.  Not too long ago we both decided we wanted to have children and decided to do the whole pregnancy thing together, too!  Her daughter and my son are less than 7 weeks apart in age. Whitney’s grandma Rachel owns a print shop (B-W Graphics) here in Versailles as well! I have been privelaged enough to work at B-W graphics not once, but twice! They were so kind to give me a part-time job while I was finishing college, and then after I got my degree in Accounting I was fortunate enough to get a job with them doing their books.  SO needless to say, these four ladies have a very special spot in my heart.  I love that they had this idea for these four generation photos! These photos will be priceless to these ladies to look back on for the rest of their lives! I’m so happy to have got to play a part in making them happen! Enjoy!!


One thing I wanted to focus on was their hands.  All the way from Emma’s soft little tiny perfect hands to Rachel’s hands that have seen so much life.  What a remarkable comparison.





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