Makenzie and Ryan | A Wedding at St. Peter Catholic Church in Jefferson City, MO



I’m so excited to get to share these pictures from this beautiful wedding!!  

Makenzie and Ryan booked with us almost a year ago! I love when couples book us early in their engagement and we get time to get to know them before the wedding.  This couple came all the way to my studio to meet me and get more information on our packages. I knew after that first meeting with them that I would love to work with them, and I was right! During our first meeting I figured out Ryan knew a little about cameras and photography by the types of questions he was asking me.  This always gets me excited to meet other people who have an interest in photography!

So fast forward to the wedding day that seemed SO far away when the booked, but zoomed up on us like they always do! In between them booking and the wedding date my husband and I found out some GREAT news that we were expecting baby #2!!  I made sure to inform our couple just so they didn’t get a surprise when we showed up, and thankfully they were so cool about it. Because I was about 20 weeks along, not only did I bring a second shooter, but I brought my husband to assist throughout the day so I could make sure that our couple got the best care.   My sister is my second shooter now, and she did such an amazing job. The combination of this amazing couple, a beautiful wedding, and having both my sister and husband there made for one of the most fun wedding days we’ve ever had.

It was very important to Makenzie and Ryan to wait until the ceremony to see each other.  So instead of doing our traditional “first look” between the bride and groom, we got to do one between the bride and her father.  It was soooo sweet. I love seeing daddies get emotional about their little girls. You could just see the pride radiating from her daddy and it was seriously beautiful to witness. 



 Makenzie decided she wanted to do a picture of her and her groom before the wedding without breaking their deal of not seeing each other, so we got to snap a few quick photos of them prior to the ceremony.  I love when couples do this. It’s so neat to see the excitement and anticipation on their faces of being SO CLOSE to being husband and wife but still waiting to see each other.


Something rare and exciting also happened this wedding day! I think this was our first wedding we have ever photographed that every single member of the family and wedding party were at the church, dressed, and completely ready before their scheduled time.  When we showed up almost an hour early to test our lighting, we were stunned to see this! You guys, this never happens! We were so excited we got to get started on portraits early, and we ran ahead of schedule all day long. I don’t think anyone ever felt rushed or stressed the entire day.  It was so laid back, calm, and such a nice way to spend the day.

This was our very first Catholic wedding ceremony and it was held in the most beautiful church I have ever been in, the St. Peter Catholic Church in Jefferson City, MO.  I always get excited when we get to shoot in churches that have light walls and beautiful natural light, and did this church have it!! We always bring plenty of lighting gear and show up early to weddings and do lots of testing to make sure to get the best pictures we possibly can.  We didn’t need to bust out ANY lighting gear until the reception because the light in the church was so beautiful.


I could not get over how unbelievably sweet Ryan’s reaction was to seeing Makenzie walk down the aisle.  Honestly, it is every girl’s dream to be looked at the way he looked at her in that moment, and for the entire rest of the day.  It was so sweet. I would look over at them countless times throughout the day and he always had this big grin on his face looking at his bride.  I could really feel just how much he loves her by the way he adored and cherished her throughout the day.


In between the wedding and reception we had some time to go out to this amazing farm to take some wedding party portraits and bride and groom portraits! It was a BEAUTIFUL location, and I was so excited I kept squealing the further we drove into it.

The reception was held at the Lions Club in Westphalia, MO.  The decorations were so cute and I have to say this is the best attended reception I believe we have ever been to.  There were SO.MANY.PEOPLE!!! This always makes me excited! I remember being a bride and feeling like you’ve worked SO HARD getting everything ready and perfect and you just hope people will come. Let me tell you, this couple’s family and friends showed up! It was such a fun reception!


Being a part of weddings like this is just such an honor for us.  The families of this sweet couple were completely amazing and kind to us the entire day.  It is always so nice to feel welcomed by the couple’s families and we felt that way for sure. On our drive home Lok, Kelly, and I kept talking about the wedding, how smoothly everything went, and how much of an absolute blast we all had.  There are some weddings that feel like work more than others, and this was one of those that didn’t even feel like work a little bit. All three of us had a blast and we are so grateful for the opportunity to photograph this wedding and to get to know Ryan and Makenzie.  We wish them the absolute best in the years to come as husband and wife!

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